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A Doomsday COVID Variant or Monster Variant is Possible; Experts Keep Warning.


● The slow phase of the world’s vaccination process would be a nightmare.
● The risk of emerging a new monster variant.
● Worldwide herd immunity is the key to protection.

Vaccine hesitancy and distribution disparity may brew an upcoming storm. Experts warn about a monster or doomsday variant. This one is nothing like we have ever before and might be the one to totally disable the healthcare system. But what exactly is this variant? How will it emerge? The White House medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned people of possible danger in the future. He told Mika Brzezinski, an American journalist, that “there could be a monster variant” of COVID-19. This would make the Delta variant look weak in comparison.

If you’re thinking about bioengineering, the answer is an unlikely no regarding a monster variant. As long as Coronavirus circulates in countries, it could keep on mutating without specific support. This unlimited access to the human body might allow deadly mutations to happen, which will spawn a monster variant. The risk of generating that variant is likely greater in regions where vaccination rates are too low. The more unprotected people the virus can infect, the better access it has to the human genome. You’re vaccinating now to prevent the next mutant from coming. Dr. Fauci told on the Morning Joe Show of MSNBC channel. He wasn’t the only one seeing that happening. Experts at the WHO are closely observing other variants, which may become the next big boss. The “Eta” variant is now detected in several countries; the variant “kappa” also emerged in India, and Iota first came out in New York. Besides those three variants, the WHO keeps an eye on lambda, which appears in Peru, South America, and some US states.

BioRxiv is an open-access preprint repository for the biological sciences, and they have suggested lambda with the potential to tear through vaccine protection. Sharon Green, an infectious disease researcher at the University of Massachusetts, expressed his opinion to Newsweek magazine that If a mutation comes up anywhere more transmissible, it will be selected to propagate. So what makes this mysterious variant dangerous. We already have the clues. Research has proved that delta could partially evade antibodies, but a doomsday or monster variant is even worse than that. Very high vaccine resistance and exceptional transmissibility, two of which are enough to cause ruin. Imagine someone getting infected by a rapid spreading variant without benefiting from two vaccine doses and a booster. Hopefully, the world will never see this variant. What do you think about this doomsday monster variant? How do you think we should handle this variant? Open for discussion…

By Dushan Madu (DM)


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