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Appointing Nivard Cabraal as CBSL Governor can’t be accepted: Eran Wickramaratne (EW) & Anura Kumar Dissanayake (AKD)


1) EW as State Minister of Finance and AKD as a Yahapalanaya Government stalwart had a run of 5 years during which time they had ample opportunity to bring out any misdemeanor of Cabraal and take legal action against him. But, although they and their colleagues tried their utmost, they couldn’t do so, as there were no misdemeanors or offences they could prove.

2) At the same time, Cabraal never ran away, but faced every allegation and innuendo directly. He publicly answered all critics and gave an open challenge to the Yahapalanaya regime of that time which included EW and AKD to provide any proof of any wrongdoing by him. In response, while they continued to sling mud and innuendo, there was not a single charge that the Yahapalanaya Government could level against Cabraal.

3) Thereafter, Cabraal was in Parliament for over 1 year as an MP and State Minister. During that period, Cabraal openly faced the Opposition including both EW and AKD on many issues. But, as usual those elements were unable to challenge Cabraal on any issue.

At this time, when Cabraal is about to resign his Parliamentary seat and Ministry position and thereafter take up the position of the Governor’ of the Central Bank, these elements are now obviously terribly worried that Cabraal will bring stability to the economy and the financial sector, and consequently their dreams of regaining power will be dashed. In sheer desperation therefore, they are now venemously slinging mud and attempting to distract Cabraal and the Government from staging an economic recovery.


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