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Dawn of New Desires Under New Normal

  • Sri Lanka is at the top level in the vaccine war.
  • The country’s Covid death rate is getting lower day by day.
  • But commodity prices have reached the pinnacle.
  • The life of the country’s people is in an unbearable situation.
  • Potentiality to overcome all these hardships.
  • Lost income of country’s tourism and impacts of months-long lockdowns.
  • The government must weaken the trade mafia.

Despite unavoidable delays initially, Sri Lanka has become one of the world’s leading countries in the vaccine war. The death rate is declining day by day, and the number of reported patients is also at a lower level.

There is an emerging nature in this situation, where daily life and economic activities can be maintained. This will have a positive effect on determining the price of the goods in the market.

The government may have already decided to deregulate market commodity prices, predicting that the market will return to normalcy, overcoming the complexities of the new generalisation. That may be because they concluded that the market system was more successful.

In the coming period, the normalisation of the stagnant economy will bring about a new awakening in society and enable people to carry out their daily activities better.

Among the people affected by the pandemic, the low-income earners were greatly inconvenienced by the shortage of market goods and the lack of money on hand to buy what was available.

There will be a favourable environment in the country in the future, and an increase in the number of goods could be seen in the market by then. Then they will be able to adjust their sources of income and make some money on their own. And therein they will be able to bear the increase of prices accordingly.

The world is also becoming active in a rapid phase. As the country is at the forefront of vaccination, it will also help to keep the economy open. A large percentage of people over the age of 30 have been vaccinated, and vaccination for school children has already begun.

It is also beneficial that the tourism industry has been able to move forward to some extent while addressing the negative impact on the economy caused by the lack of dollar reserves or foreign reserves in the country in the short term.

The monotonous lifestyles of people during the Lockdown period, the economy’s collapse, the loss of schooling for children, the depression of the people due to fear and anxiety, all these conditions will change for the better in the next two to three months.

The government’s intervention in the rice trade also took various forms on various occasions. Even though the government took steps to purchase paddy at a guaranteed price, deceitful traders in recent days tended to selfish practices.

We often see only a superficial situation regarding the determination of rice prices and paddy prices by the rice mill owners themselves, and if we go deeper than that, only a limited number of influential rice mill owners are tempted to decide the price.

The only solution is to increase the capacity of paddy production and create market competitiveness. The government should encourage small rice mill owners and entrepreneurs to adapt to the general system of determining market prices on supply and demand.

Original Article By: Maalee Luviss Gebriel

Translated by Dushan Madu (DM)


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