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Organic farming is the target of a media campaign. Some people are unaware that the war is being waged by importers of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. It’s also a story that some people aren’t aware of because some of the founders own television stations. Every district has farmers who are already familiar with organic farming and are successfully cultivating it. These farmers cultivate and produce their own fertilizer.
According to many television stations these days, paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka is coming to an end this season. Tea cultivation, which generates foreign exchange for the country, has been completely destroyed, as have maize, vegetables, and all other crops, according to these channels. They use a variety of tactics to demonstrate that the cause of all of this is a ban on the import of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage has recently gained a lot of popularity across the country. The farmer’s rage is depicted in Mahindananda Aluthgamage’s painting, which is displayed in the media in order to set fire to the plant and the car in order to set fire to the plantation.
The reality is that there are a number of farmers in the country who have successfully practiced organic farming prior to the President’s introduction of the practice. Chemical fertilizers were not used in the country until around 1965, when those farmers were quietly going about their business. In the distant past, explosives were made by the farmer himself. The farmer also prepared the pesticides that the farmer required. Everything happened in unison with nature. The harvest did not decrease at that time. There was enough food for everyone in the country. Our country was known as the East’s granary at the time. In the absence of chemical fertilizers, Sri Lanka became known as the “Granary of the East.”
Farmers were hesitant to use chemical fertilizers when they first arrived in Sri Lanka. The use of chemical fertilizers has destroyed the soil in many parts of the Rajarata region today. The water has been depleted. Toxic chemicals are present in every reservoir’s water. If you visit a paddy field, you will undoubtedly contract rat fever. The kidneys become inactive if their water supply is not replenished on a regular basis. The Rajarata region has a high prevalence of kidney disease. Kidney disease claims the lives of over 2,000 people each year. Kidney disease has now reached the southern United States. Kidney disease and cancer have begun to spread across the country at an alarming rate.
Despite extensive discussions, no leader has come forward to address the issue of chemical fertilizers being toxic to the earth’s water and environment due to pesticides and herbicides. President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, on the other hand, made the decision to ban the import of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which was welcomed by many. The organic agriculture program should be described as a significant project that considers the country’s future and puts it into action. It is common knowledge that chemical fertilizers and pesticides endanger not only human survival but also the survival of the entire ecosystem.
The situation has gotten worse as the program pushes for chemical fertilizers, which may have a variety of drawbacks. These are challenges that need to be overcome. Several farmer’s organizations are working to make the President’s program a success by practicing organic farming, but they are rarely mentioned in the media. Surprisingly, family members suffering from kidney disease are also advocating for the use of chemical fertilizers. It demonstrates the depths to which people have succumbed to delusion. In the face of farmer protests, the government is taking a step back these days. However, this project should not be abandoned. It is a fact that intelligent people recognize that organic agriculture is critical to the country’s future.


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