Home Health “Post-Covid-19” Physical and Mental Health issues are more complex than Covid infection.

“Post-Covid-19” Physical and Mental Health issues are more complex than Covid infection.

  • Did mainstream media cause us to panic before Covid-19 hit the country?
  • Covid-19 infection brings us a bitter experience, but what is the post-Covid situation?
  • Obey the advice of the medical experts even after the full recovery of the Covid-19.
  • Post-Covid protection is vital, and here is why.

People falling and dying in Wuhan’s crowded shopping malls and lonely roads made people terrified worldwide. When the pandemic had not hit our country, no one might not have imagined that such a situation would arise in this country. But it has happened so far, and it is continuing.

It would have been a coincidence if anyone who witnessed the massacre of corpses in India had not had tears falling eyes seeing the tragedy of modern-day “Vishala Mahanuwara,” burning people on wooden pyres everywhere.

We have constantly seen such horrific scenes in the media and have noticed how graveyards have expanded in acres across Brazil. The people of this country were well aware of the nature of the pandemic but panicked. They were engaged in their duties, knowing that death would come to their doorstep at any time.

No matter how hard people try to avoid the disease, they might be victims of the pandemic, and hundreds of thousands of people have already perceived that bitter experience. There are more than 20 million people infected throughout the world.

Doctors worldwide believe that Covid-19 survivors are particularly at risk of developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Research has also shown that many Covid infected people recover quickly from the disease, leading to many chronic psychological problems in the long run.

According to Dr. Chamara Wijesinghe, a psychiatrist at the Ragama Teaching Hospital, mental illness patients might even commit suicide due to the complications of Covid infection.

When a patient receiving medication for a mental illness could not take the particular medication regularly due to situational factors that have closed the country due to the spread of the Covid pandemic, an exacerbated condition could occur therein.

Just as patients with mental illness could be Covid infected, a person could also develop a mental illness after the recovery of the Covid-19.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a complicated condition, and it affects the human brain. Mental disorders such as forgetfulness and loss of mindfulness could also occur. It is not a mental illness but a complication of post-COVID-19. It is called Covid-19 Post-Infectious Encephalitis. Because of this, Covid-19 is not only a cough but also a severe illness.

People affected by COVID-19 are terrified of dying from the disease. This panic-stricken perception of the disease causes the person to become mentally ill.

This condition could lead to changes in a person’s behaviour during the post-Covid period. It could lead to symptoms such as showing restraint in speaking, overtalking, overeating, memory loss, and excessive sleep.

A person in such a situation should work tirelessly, stay mentally fit, and avoid being thirsty for information about COVID-related deaths and figures. In particular, the prevention of internet addiction is predominantly advisory.

Even though a corona patient does not die after a severe condition, long-term physical and mental disorders could follow the patient, worsening the situation rather than getting the infection. If such a person with particular symptoms is known to you, please be kind enough to contact a psychiatrist at a government hospital by simply dialing 1926.

Article Source: Development Sri Lanka by Maalee Luviss Gebriel

Translated by: Dushan Madu (DM)


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