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Sri Lankans go abroad to support the country’s economy in achieving future goals.

  • The world has gone backwards in two years due to the pandemic.
  • Imposing travel restrictions is a global decision to prevent the spread of the virus
  • With the ease of travel restrictions, foreign employment opportunities are once again created.
  • Reopening of the country quickens to make the desired foreign employment and higher studies a success.
  • Narrow-minded political motives attempt to falsify this overseas employment tendency.

For more than two years now, the Covid pandemic has affected every country in the world at a global level. The virus has invaded 223 countries and has killed more than 49 million people out of a population of more than 240 million. The future plans of every person in the world have gone backwards in two years, with the threat of an invisible particle, which is so tiny that it could not let us touch our own eyes.

Under these severely affected circumstances, the World Health Organization (WHO) considered the steps to control the virus and decided that it would be appropriate to prevent the spread and impose restrictions on travel. All countries had to close all airports and shipping routes and suspend all international travel and domestic traffic.

Those who were employed and educated abroad could not even return to their homeland. There are over 1.5 million foreign domestic workers who make a significant contribution to the country’s income. When the country was under normal conditions, more than 15,000 people migrated monthly from Sri Lanka to other countries such as the Middle East for domestic work. Many of them have returned to Sri Lanka gradually due to the Covid threat worldwide over the years.

With the introduction of vaccines worldwide to control the risk of Covid 19, resulting in a further easing of travel restrictions, most countries systematically began to repatriate migrants, restore stagnant employment opportunities, and allow for more investment. Under this situation, people who had returned from work abroad on leave gradually began to return to the countries where they had worked earlier.

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk in the media about people who came to the Department of Immigration and Emigration, generating record revenue. We could see many people waiting to renew their passports and those who have not been able to obtain a passport for a long time.

All government institutions had been closed down in the recent past due to the risk of Covid-19. The people who wanted to get services from those institutions were also severely inconvenienced. This also had a vehement effect on those who were expecting to leave for foreign employment. Even after receiving notice from employer countries for reporting for the work, they had not been able to obtain valid passports and documents for the past month. This was also the main reason why many people visited the Department of Immigration and Emigration recently as soon as the country reopened due to the prevailing situation.

The country had been closed for a long time, curfew and travel restrictions were occasionally imposed to control the pandemic. During that time, people were unable to carry out their daily activities. With the pandemic, more than 200,000 people who went abroad for employment and returned to Sri Lanka during higher studies remained unable to return to those countries. Others waited to qualify to go overseas for employment opportunities. Even those qualified for the job, especially in Korea, eagerly waited for their turn, cursing the pandemic.

With the complete lifting of the curfew recently, many people have lined up to meet the opportunity they have been waiting for. It has been less than three weeks since the country’s opening, and many people are coming to government institutions and private places to perform their duties. In such a situation, some political groups are preparing to fish in troubled waters. When many people here are trying to go abroad to strengthen the country’s economy, none of these parties could do anything for its development except to spread rumours to provoke the country to fulfil their narrow-minded political interests.

Original article by Niroshi Ariyarathne

Translated by Dushan Madu (DM)

Photo Credits: Daily News


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