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Truth Behind The Anti Sex Beds


TikTok and Twitter has taken a leap with the famous cardboard beds that’s been given to the athletes who is attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Athletes will be sleeping in beds that are made from recycled cardboard and customized mattresses done by a Japanese company called AirWeave. There are 18,000 beds and mattresses , the bed frames are made from recycled cardboard, while the modular mattresses are made from polyethylene fibers that the brand says can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Though the beds have caused much amusing speculation on social media, they are far more impressive than people have perhaps realized. This is the first time in Olympic history that athletes’ beds are made almost entirely out of renewable materials. The beds are part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games’ broader sustainability plan, which seeks to ensure the environment is at the heart of the event, with a legacy that extends beyond 2021. While athletes’ villages are somewhat infamous for their raucous activities (at the previous Games in Rio, a record-breaking 450,000 condoms were issued to athletes – enough for 42 each), and organizers are undoubtedly concerned about preventing a COVID outbreak, the beds are not deliberately sex-proof. In fact, the beds are actually capable of holding up to 200kg – which, given the average weight of an athlete at Rio was 72kg, is more than capable of holding at least two people. The beds have been designed to be extremely light and easy to assemble in order to ensure transferring the beds between locations is quick and efficient. The cardboard bedframes will support a version of Airweave’s modular mattress, which the brand designed to accommodate the wide variety of body types of different athletes. The mattress is composed of three separate blocks made from springy polyethylene fibers – one to support the head and shoulders, one to support the waist and one to support the legs – which are zipped together in a case. The mattresses can be further customized with additional layers, such as a pillow top to increase the softness. In the Olympic Village, athletes will be able to go to a mattress fitting centre where they can get help with mattress configuration. The brand also developed an app to help athletes find the best mattress for their bodies. Users can submit photos and input their body measurements into the app to get a recommended mattress configuration. While the beds may be both sustainable and capable of catering to adult activities, it is worth highlighting that with three cases of COVID-19 already recorded in the athletes’ village, it probably is wise that they are just used for sleeping at this year’s Games.


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